Friday, June 16, 2017

Ham field day, book tours, vegetable and dad days

Just ahead of Eat Your Vegetables Day and Father's Day (which I won't be celebrating for the first time in my life due to my dad's passing before Thanksgiving, making that holiday and every special day since then difficult), here's some info hot off the summer sidewalks, starting with something nerdy, yet fun:
  • The Chicago Suburban Radio Association is having "their annual Field Day On-Air operation" (quoting from the website so that I don't end up plagiarizing) at Veteran's Park in North Riverside next weekend, June 24 and 25. They claim it's the "most popular on-the-air event" in our fine country and Canada, where thousands of hams broadcast. 

ham and tomatoes
Not this ham (note the tomatoes in honor of Veggie Day)
The pictures capture the festive atmosphere, where you can also see longtime radio pro and historian Scott Childers (who* I interviewed). The CRSA was founded in 1924, two years before my dad was born (thus he lived through much of broadcast history, during the golden age of radio and the birth of TV). More details about the event are at the CRSA website, which you should also explore or even join in you're a suburban radio operator.
So enjoy your vegetables before Father's Day, when you'll probably eat cupcakes, burgers, and other non-healthy food.

happy eggplant
It's his/its day.

*I know it's supposed to be "whom" but I want to say "who."

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