Friday, June 2, 2017

Journalism jobs, CRM's goodbye, doughnuts

Some news: journalism job and journalism internship list 

  • WBBM's Bob Roberts edits the JobFile, which was created by the Illinois News Broadcasters Association and the Chicago Headline Club. You can download the latest list of jobs at If you want to list any jobs, email Bob at (I interviewed Bob Roberts earlier this year).
  • Also, what a lot of people already know: the Chicagoland Radio and Media site is on hiatus, which is why I've created a news section here. CRM was a big supporter of the Radiogirl Podcast from the beginning, and I really appreciate all he's done not just for me, but for various media professionals who otherwise wouldn't have gotten coverage elsewhere. When he first expanded his site, he granted me what was then an exclusive interview.
    His hiatus was prompted by personal and financial reasons, and it may be indefinite, brief, or forever. In the meantime, if you would like to share any news, email me at margaret AT, contact me on social media, or even send regular mail to PO Box 10910, Chicago 60610.
  • And finally, some more important news: it's National Doughnut Day. Audrey Gorden does some hard-hitting reporting for RedEye (a publication I like because the writing style has always been modern and fresh) about where to get free doughnuts. 
Chicago donuts
Delicious donut.

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