Saturday, June 24, 2017

Roger Badesch, July 4th, Leslie Harris

Thanks to a long non-radio work day, I ended up falling asleep before I could report the latest, breaking news, but it's just as well, because today is WGN's Roger Badesch's birthday! He's very passionate about radio (I've interviewed him) and very friendly, open to talking about anything (i.e., not just superficial topics). 

German birthday cake
This cake looks sad, but it's in German, which is interesting.
  • Here's the newsy bit: Roger is going to be the Parade Reviewing Stand Announcer at the Skokie 4th of July Parade...and that's not all...ESPN's Dave Kaplan (yet another broadcaster I've interviewed) will be the Grand Marshal! The parade seems to be media-oriented because CBS 2's Rob Johnson will be a Special Celebrity Guest, and ESPN's Marc Silverman and WGN's Patti Vasquez are the "next" celebrity guests (I don't know what "next" means in this context).
  • Also what's new: Leslie Harris announced that she's back at The River (WERV-FM) doing weekends and fill-in, but the schedule doesn't have her yet :(
  • And here's something to check out: Shereen Mo, who works at WBBM Newsradio, has an Instagram about food called Devour Chicago. The pictures are good, despite not having a crew of food stylists :p
And make sure you jump in the pool because today is Swim a Lap Day!

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