Saturday, July 29, 2017

Joe Collins, Rick O'Dell, Bob Kessler, sports, friends

Sunday is so important, even the United Nations has declared it: the International Day of Friendship! And if I want to get really sappy, I can say that I've met a lot of wonderful people in the radio biz, some of whom have become friends! So thank you to those people and others who should be in the friendship circle...lots of exclamation points here!

danbo friends boxes
These box friends have a lot to talk about...日本語で [in Japanese]
  • Speaking of friends...a friend of former traffic reporter Joe Collins, who was on the air for several years, including at WBBM Newsradio, reported on Fakebook that "Joe is in the ICU at Advocate South Suburban hospital." He's been dealing with health issues for a while. I first met him when he was at Northwestern hospital more than a few years ago. Friends have been leaving prayers and good wishes on his page. 
  • On Monday night, MeTV FM Radio's Rick O'Dell (who* I interviewed) and Bill Cochran will be at the Monday Night Car Shows at Old Orchard Mall in Skokie from 6:00 to 9:00 (I don't know why it would be called "shows" in this case because it's only one show on Monday night, but that's the official name, so I have to go with it). You've probably also heard Bill Cochran's voice on WTTW, WXRT, in commercials, etc. Considering he's so successful, he's a modest guy, and even has an interesting blog called Every Clog Has Its Day. Thus it's a Clog Blog, probably one of the only (or *the* only?) such genre in the world. 
  • You're probably wondering, "She's always mentioning people she's interviewed...isn't there anything new?" Why yes, and my latest pod happens to be with Bill's friend, Bob Kessler, who does news on WGN Radio, produces Green Sense Radio, and does lots of other things in and out of the biz. And, more (or equally) significantly, it's my 150th episode, which means I've interviewed well over 100 people so far. And I started the podcast when there weren't many out there (you can read more of my whining about that subject at my site). 
  • If you prefer sports, there's a fresh Weekend Sports Report for August that's just been posted by Steve Leventhal (who* I also interviewed) and Packer Dave (guess he's not a Bears fan?).
  • And an update from some previous whining I did: I passive-aggressively mentioned how the Writers Guild East, which is based in New York, always sends emails to us Chicago people about New York events. I figured they'd want to share the love in Chicago, so I called to find out the prospects. There are none, and it looks like I can't even organize anything through them because we don't have many members here. So basically, there's nothing to report about WGA-related Chicago events because I guess they figure we're just flyover country, since LA and NYC are the Important Places to be Noticed. So if you're in Chicago, don't expect live humans to present anything; you'll have to watch some of the NYC fun via videos at their YouTube page instead.

*I know it's supposed to be "whom" but I want to say "who."

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