Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bob Roberts, Alison Moran, Neil Fiorito, just because

Why should you enjoy a cherry popsicle today? Just because. That's my clever way of mentioning two special days within a singularity: today is Cherry Popsicle Day and tomorrow is Just Because Day.

because I want to
Translation: Today I'm happy because I want [to be], because I can, and because I feel like it!

  • But much more importantly, today at 6:00 pm, Bob Roberts (who* I interviewed) will be on the air, but not on WBBM (where he's been a fantastic, hard-working reporter for several years). He will be spinning records (not sure if he's literally doing that, but it's a nice phrase, in addition to hearkening back to yesteryear when jocks such as him+ did that) at Indiana University on his alma mater's radio station, WIUX (which was WIUS when he was there). The question is if he'll go by his then-on-air name "Frankie B. Rhodes." You can find out by listening live at the station's stream link
  • I've been reading and writing blogs for several years (while established media folks were deriding them before they themselves had to jump on the digital bandwagon), and longtime sports radio and writer Alison Moran just shared a new post on her Token Female blog. Her blog about sports and life, and is an example of the quality that's remained as other bloggers have jumped textual and visual ship to social media exclusively.
  • Another radio pro who has on online project is traffic reporter Neil Fiorito, who is also a concierge at the Residence Inn in River North. His "Neil's News" videos cover activities and interests in Chicago, and they demonstrate his talent broadcasting visually as well as audioally (not a word, I know, but I want to be linguistically obnoxious).

*I know it's supposed to be "whom" but I want to say "who." 

+I know it's supposed to be "he" but I want to say "him." 

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