Sunday, August 6, 2017

Friendship Day, Rebel Force Radio, Tommy Rose

Happy Friendship Day! In case you're wondering if you saw my last post on the International Day of Friendship, this is not a typo. Today is Friendship Day! But what I said last time is worth repeating: thanks to the wonderful people I've met in the biz and to people who I consider friends (and who hopefully reciprocate such a sentiment). My inadvertent celebration of this day will include seeing a friend later at the soon-to-be-no-longer Tribune Tower. Hope you're also seeing friends, especially since we're going to have a sort-of decent day weather-wise.

lamb sheep friends
They seem to be friends.
  • And similar to last week's friendship-day-related segue as well, scores of friends are sharing memories and offering condolences to the family of Joe Collins, who passed away last week. Please watch his FB page to get information on when the memorial service will be "within the next couple of weeks."
  • Over in Princeton (a town I've passed by on the Southwest Chief to Los Angeles), if you look at the on-air page at WZOE Radio, you won't see Tommy Rose's name or picture there anymore. He hosted mornings and was the Program Director there for 14 years.
  • And the latest episode of the excellent Star Wars podcast Rebel Force Radio is out, co-hosted by longtime radio pro Jimmy McInerney (who* I interviewed). They have thousands of listeners, and they started podcasting when podcasts were barely a blip on the digital media radar. Such innovators and early adopters should be acknowledged!

*I know it's supposed to be "whom" but I want to say "who." 

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