Sunday, March 25, 2018

Christopher Robling, Martin Hawrysko, Caitlin Fry, Rey Diaz, waffles

Long time no see/write! In addition to working, I spent several weeks dealing with a very badly dented car (scroll down for photo), thanks to someone who crashed into me in a parking garage. It wasn't a matter of simply calling their insurance company and taking it in to the body shop to be fixed; there were mini battles and obstacles along the way, including on the last day when I finally got my car back. There are too many details to bore you with (if you see me elsewhere, I'll describe that "ordeal" if you want).

But it became a kind of mini-hobby, in addition to one of my more official ones...volunteering at the Swedish American Museum. Why do I mention this? Because today is Våffeldagen, aka Waffle Day. I've noticed the Swedes enjoy treats and relaxation, and the holiday season provides a valid excuse to enjoy life even more. So if you're in Andersonville today, go to the museum to eat waffles! I am actually helping out a bit before I close out the night at my radio job, so I might see you there!

waffle day
Courtesy of "Institutet för språk och folkminnen," a Swedish site I barely understand
because my Swedish is still quite awful.
  • Also today (or technically, tonight), Christopher Robling will be guest-hosting the "Beyond the Beltway" show from 6-8 pm. Mr. Robling is a very understanding person because one time I bluntly told him that his political analysis was off, and he didn't hate me for it (that's the risk of often having to be silent...I'm not allowed to express myself, so I sometimes blurt stuff out to kind people like him).
  • Time now for a public service announcement: Caitlin Fry, a writer/pro communicator who was at WGN Radio before moving out West, has a great blog post about a failed company that was initially celebrated on TV and had been giving her a hard time. I remember when blogs were pretty much mocked and derided by journalists in the early days before those pros jumped on the bandwagon. Now it's more difficult to find lengthy, heartfelt blog posts due to the proliferation of social media, but Caitlin does offer such a style, as in the days of yore. (btw--I'm not naming the company because their response to her seemed frightening, and I don't want to incur their alleged wrath either).
  • Another notable blog post (I love blogs, so if you have a good one, let me know) is from radio/media fan (and digital content pro) Martin Hawrysko about the White Sox on WGN Radio. I am *very* glad they made it to 720, but the style is still...well, it hasn't changed. I'll let Martin explain.
  • And speaking of sports and the White latest pod interview is with Rey Diaz, who works on the morning and midday shows at The Score (former home of the White Sox). He's one of the most decent guys I've met in radio, especially sports radio, and he's also an interesting guy. Listen to the interview here.  
My car...a Valentine's Day crumple at Northwestern. Yay.

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