Friday, April 20, 2018

INBA, WILL Radio, Craig Dellimore, Joe Ward

Greetings from East Peoria, where I'm at the Illinois News Broadcasters Association spring convention! I ended up joining the organization late last year when board member Jeff Burnett (who[m] I will meet in-person for the first time) asked if I was interested in signing up. I figured, why not? And here I am! 

So far, people seem very friendly, and I didn't realize how badly I needed to get out of Chicago to be able to relax and reflect. Here are a couple of people I met who work far away from Chicago, all the way in ChampaignUrbana at WILL RadioSteve Morck, who's a host and producer (left), and Brian Moline, who's the Morning Edition host and Managing Editor. They seem really friendly and are very content with what they're doing...and busy. Seems like that public radio station is doing lots of interesting stuff and is expanding...which is rare in the radio world!

Steve Morck and Brian Moline, WILL Radio
They had no idea about my podcast...guess it doesn't play in Peoria.
All right, back to my East Peoria adventure...stay tuned.

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