Sunday, June 10, 2018

John Siuntres, Faruq Basir, Stephanie Trussell, Ricky Gieser, iced tea

Are you hot? Well have an iced tea, because today is National Iced Tea Day! There's also still time to hang out in Andersonville, where I will be volunteering for Midsommarfest...stop by the beer tent to say hello!

iced tea
I hope that green snack doesn't have some weird dye, or mold, or whatever.

  • Major congratulations goes to Faruq Basir, who is now full-time at iHeart Radio's Total Traffic Network, where he will continue to be on the air at WGCI, KISS-FM, and WLIT and continue to produce. He also is an editor at WBBM Newsradio, so he's quite busy.

Faruq Basir
Faruq Basir in charge of the newsroom late at night. 
  • And this just in: Rick Gieser's (who[m] I interviewed) son is going to be on Patti Vasquez's show on WGN (I'm assuming in the new studio) on Monday night at 11:30, so tune in to hear him talk about his passion, bees.

  • And in case you went to the WLS website and saw that Stephanie Trussell has a show on Saturdays from 1-3 pm, that would be wrong...they haven't updated the site, but she's now on the air from 3-6 pm on Saturdays. I highly recommend her interview with Larry Elder, who talks about the hardships his father faced, in addition to their strained relationship.

  • And speaking of interviews...I've just posted my latest one with John Siuntres, who's worked at several radio stations, including WSCR The Score in its early days, Hubbard Radio, WBBM...and is one of the *pioneers* of podcasting. He started his podcast, Word Balloon, in 2005, which is when podcasting was in its infancy. He's pretty much the only person I have met who was there when it all started, and his podcast has become very popular, with sponsors and thousands of listeners. The interview also includes samples of his voice and production work. I think it's a compelling interview, and I was very glad to talk to a long-time, established, successful podcaster. 

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