Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mike North, Ryan Burrow, INBA

Happy Elephant Appreciation Day! In some places, such as Thailand, elephants are popular and useful, and tourists like to ride them as well. Chicago doesn't have such an option, so I'll just post a decorative representation of one (since I haven't been to the zoo lately).
But I have much better and more legit pictures from the media world, because I was one of the few Chicagoans who made the trek to Springfield to attend the fall INBA (Illinois News Broadcasters Association) conference. I actually took the train, and at Union Station early in the morning, I saw former WLS Radio and current WCBS star Steve Scott (who[m] I've interviewed), who facilitated several seminars, even the auction, which benefits journalism students.

Steve Scott INBA
Those are train tickets, which my husband was bidding on, the timing of which wasn't planned btw. And I don't know why the light is so bright.

Another notable moment during the auction was when Rachel Lippmann, Reporter at
KWMU Public Radio in St. Louis, won a book in the auction and then gave it to WBBM reporter Bob Roberts (another news guy I've interviewed), who was attending his last INBA conference (after doing a ton of stuff for the INBA for like 20 years) as a board member.

Rachel Lippman Bob Roberts
A random journalist is clapping, Bob is on the right, and the lights are bright again for some reason.

The keynote speaker was John O'Connor, Political Writer for the Associated Press. Here he is (left) relaxing after his FOIA speech with Molly Jirasek, Assistant News Director at WEEK/HOI ABC-TV (who will probably work in Chicago eventually), and Bob.

John O'Connor, Molly Jirasek, Bob Roberts
I don't know what they're laughing about. Or maybe they're not, since
John seemed quite serious about doing big-time work.

  • And speaking of news reporting, I did an interview with the excellent radio news reporter Ryan Burrow, who's at WGN Radio and ABC Radio. Listen at this link.
  • But you might be thinking, "Who cares about news and news people?" Well, I have a decent response to that because I did a very interesting interview with lightning-rod sports guy Mike North. He was on The Score/WSCR for years and started doing digital with the failed Chicago Sports Webio...remember that? He actually talked about it (which he really hasn't talked about before) and much more. So skip the news and listen about the sports scene from a guy who isn't known for being reserved. I'm still thinking about it because he really talked about a lot and seemed very friendly.

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