Sunday, January 13, 2019

New Year with Steve and Johnnie, Charlie Wheeler, Roger Badesch, Vic Vaughn, Jim DeRogatis props, dreams

Today is a day to make your dreams come true, because that's what this day officially is (or fake-officially)...Make Your Dream Come True Day!

A corporate-type representation of what we are celebrating, which reminds me of blogs that are written for businesses, not fun, such as this one.

Like some other strong souls in the media biz, I celebrated the new year working, but took time out between days to go to Steve and Johnnie's first New Year's Eve show in the new WGN Studios.

Johnnie Putman
Johnnie Putman with "The 3 C's," aka North Shore teens who perform country music, and Ronnie Rice (right). Note the time, which meant sleep deprivation between work days. And I think everyone except Johnnie are Evanston-oriented, including moi.

Steve King
Steve King after the fantastic fireworks that we saw right outside the window.

Roger Badesch
Roger Badesch editing audio while Vic Vaughn is reporting news...note the on-air light in the vast Santa-hatted newsroom.

  • And finally, a public service announcement: please watch the Lifetime documentary "Surviving R. Kelly." You don't have to like his music (as I don't) or even care about such culture, but what was allegedly happening in our backyard is quite ghastly. Also be sure to follow Jim DeRogatis on Twitter, who has done an excellent job reporting about the situation for several years (I don't know the guy, just respect him a ton for bravely speaking out when many wouldn't).

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